Pro-Resto Inc.,  is a Restoration Company specializing in Storm Related Damage to Residential Homes and Commercial Properties. We support Property Owners through the Insurance Claims Process and provide the highest quality of Restoration Materials and Installation through our subsidiaries, Pro-Resto Roofing Inc., Pro-Resto Siding, Windows and Doors Inc., and Pro-Resto Gutters Inc.,

Every day across this country the homes and property of people just like you are exposed to thunderstorms producing high winds, lightning, hail and torrential rains. Tornados and hurricanes are clearly high impact storms and their aftermath seldom goes unnoticed.

But, it is the assault of rapidly moving severe thunderstorms which produce a type of “Stealth Damage” which can go un-noticed for weeks, months and years until it reveals itself in the form of water stains on your ceiling, shingles which begin to fail prematurely or fall off completely or gutters which don’t drain property. This is a functional damage which continues to progress over time. Damage to soft metals like vents, fascia, window wraps, paint and siding often don’t produce a threat to your homes interior but, they receive damage in the form of surface fracturing and distortions from impacts, a type of non-functional damage. Leaving this non-functional damage un-addressed would be the equivalent of being in a fender bender and not fixing the dent. You can certainly drive the car but, the damage reduces the value of the car in the same way it reduces the value of your home.

That’s where we come in. As your advocate Pro-Resto insures that all property damage is addressed under the claim and that your home is restored to pre-storm quality and in many cases, better…

Pro-Resto tracks area storm activity and intensity to identify storms which are significant enough to inflict damage to a homes exterior. This area is then defined as an “Impact Area”. After our initial computer model identification of an area, we complete local level reconnaissance to confirm the significance of the damage. Once an area is confirmed as a significant “Impact Area”, we begin the process of notifying home owners who, in many cases are un-aware of the damage from the recent storm. Time is of the essence because most Insurance Companies limit a Property Owners time to file a claim to 1 year from the date of the event. We know from experience that even though your Insurance Company is highly aware of areas that have been impacted by a storm, they seldom contact their insured property owners to advise them of the potential damage.

Pro-Resto’s Representative’s help property owners identify storm damage to their property by completing a top to bottom 50 Point Property Inspection. Once the damage is identified, we help in the initiation of the claim, the documentation and presentation of the claim information to the Insurance Company, to insure the necessary information is properly communicated. We meet with the Insurance Company Adjuster for the inspection and after approval insure that all damage is being addressed appropriately. Throughout the process we coordinate with the Property Owner, Insurance Company, Mortgage Company, Local Building Department, City and Village, HO Association or essentially all related parties necessary to bring the claim to a positive conclusion. Finally, our experienced crews install the high quality materials you choose,  to current local building code standards, bringing your property to pre-storm quality, current code compliance and of course a fresh new look!.