Pro-Resto’s team handled multiple rental properties for me that were affected by a storm in our area. Until they contacted me, I was unaware of any damage to my properties. The team at Pro-Resto saved me tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and property value all with little effort on my part. They handled everything from the claim, down to the finest details and went above and beyond to make each property look great!

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who owns property which may have been affected by a storm…


I have the largest roof by square foot in my town with multiple out buildings. Pro-Resto’s Team came in and attended to every detail on each structure. They were professional, quick to follow up on any calls or issues and left my property clean and revitalized. Without a heads up from their Representative, I would have had no idea my property was damaged by a storm.

I would hire them again on this or any future home I own…


From the start I had a very difficult individual assigned by the insurance company to inspect my homes. Were it not for the professional approach, experience and data provided by my Pro-Resto Representative, I would not have received an approval on the properties. From the start and throughout the process these guys went above and beyond and not only provided a successful claim process but restored my home and my rental property beautifully.

I would not go through the storm damage claim process without these guys!